Md Abu Sufian
Md Abu Sufian

Md Abu Sufian

London, United Kingdom

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Looking for a PhD position with a skilled business analyst, and data analyst, with diverse skills through descriptive-analytic, and statistical data analysis, adaptability with a broad technical and mathematical background, and experience in offering a high level of insights from data to influence and support by the key strategies of decision-making. Also, Data Analysis for Business Intelligence with knowledge of R programming and python, Power BI, SQL, data mining, machine learning algorithms, and the ability to work within a deadline.


2020 Sep – 2023 Jan MSc. in data analysis for business intelligence with industry, University of Leicester, Leicester, United Kingdom.

Relevant modules: Mathematical Modelling, Data Mining and Neural Networks, Financial Services Information Systems, and Data analytics for Esports.

2019 Jan – 2020 July Masters in International MBA, Birmingham City University, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Relevant modules: Global Marketing Management, Managing Financial Performance, International Operations and Project Management.

Relevant Research Experience

January 2023 - Present Researcher, Part-Time, Hybrid, Shaanxi Int'l Innovation Center for Transportation-Energy Information Fusion and Sustainability, Chang’an University, Xi’an, China
  • Conducting research in machine learning, deep learning, and AI applications in health.
December 2023 - Present Researcher, Part-Time, Hybrid, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK
  • Utilizing ElectroMap for quantitative cardiac electrophysiology data analysis, advancing cardiac research through optical mapping of heart tissue.

Relevant Work Experience

February 2023 to June 2024 Data Analyst, Midland Heart Ltd, United Kingdom
June 2022 – October 2022 MSc Data analysis for business intelligence project, HSBC-Financial Services Company, London, United Kingdom.
  • Reviewed and analysed large sets of ESG by web scraping to measure the sustainability of a company from various public ESG data.
  • Analysed sustainability ESG performance by making various PowerBI dashboards.
  • Built and deployed scalable machine learning systems to solve complex business problems.
  • Designed experiments and optimized machine learning models to derive insights and drive data-driven decision-making.
  • Forecasted ESG score on historical ESG data by ESG performance analysis.
August 2021 – June 2022 Internship, ASAP Data solution ltd., Hatfield, United Kingdom
  • Evaluated each department’s potential data and prepared easy-to-read daily reports for the management.
  • Actively maintained timely reports by using Power BI and Standard Query Language (SQL).
  • Market trend analysis was used to establish cross-functional communication.
  • Created and carried out data sets, data assortment frameworks, data analytics, and different contemporary strategies that improve the factual effectiveness and nature of data procured from CRM and CJM systems.
January 2021 – May 2021 Data analytics for esports project, Leicester, United Kingdom
  • Conducted in-depth data analysis and visualisation to optimise merchandise sales and improve the financial performance of the E-sports industry.
  • Utilised advanced data analytics tools and techniques to extract valuable insights from complex datasets and inform strategic decision-making.
  • Developed transferable skills, while staying up-to-date with emerging trends and best practices in the field.
February 2021 – April 2021 Fundamental data science module project, Leicester, United Kingdom
  • Investigated the multivariate determination of road traffic accident severity and examined the relationship between driver age and accident severity, seasonal trends in accident rates, and the impact of various conditions on the number of casualties.
  • Conducted rigorous statistical analysis in R, including data collection, extraction, transformation, cleaning, and code implementation.
  • Identified approaches to enhance UK road safety policies and measures by analysing what factors contribute to traffic incidents on the road.

Key Skills

Technical Skills

Python, Programming Languages R (R Studio), SPSS, Power BI, Tableau, Macros and VBA Excel, SQL, AWS, Azure, Latex, Apache Spark,Pytorch, Tensorflow.

Awards and Achievements

June 2022 to June 2022, University of Leicester Micro Internship
  • Studied common purpose positions within the leadership development program.
  • Evolved complex problems in organizations and society.
  • Practised leadership and Cultural Intelligence, speaking to the heart of the leadership challenge of society.
Conference Scholarship for AI+ Health 2023 Conference, Stanford University, USA

Stanford University

  • Center for Continuing Medical Education, Stanford University School of Medicine
  • Contact: (650) 497-8554
  • Ref.:
Conference Scholarship for The Royal Society, London, UK
  • Organiser: University of Leicester, UKRI Funded (UK Research and Innovation)
  • Landscape Decisions Programme 2023 Conference
  • Multifunctional Landscapes: From Research to Policy
  • Ref.:
Bootcamp Scholarship, West Midland Combined Authority (WMCA), Birmingham, UK, Feb 2023 to May 2023
  • Host: Birmingham City University, Birmingham, UK
  • Digital Skills for Smart Manufacturing
  • CPD Bootcamp
  • Core Module: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Applications.
  • Ref.:
Short Course Enrollment, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
  • Host: Harvard University, Boston, USA
  • Harvard University

  • AI for Health Care: Concepts and Applications (On Campus) - Fellowship Award–Start: 2/6/2024
  • Verification Code: 240T0I6RMEN1, Please verify yourself
  • Verify It
  • Innovation with AI in Health Care (On Campus) – Start: 5/7/2024
  • Core Module: AI for Health Care: Concepts and Applications - Course Information
  • Core Module: Innovation with AI in Health Care - Course Information
  • Ref.:
International Summer Program Enrollment, 21 - 27 July 2024
  • Host: University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
  • University of Cambridge

  • AI and digital transformation in health care (On Campus)
  • W35Am29: An introduction to Critical Thinking and W35Pm30: AI and digital transformation in health care
  • Sponsor Licence Number: 4NUV7KB58
  • Student Number: 24-IH-00235016
  • Core Module: AI and digital transformation in health care - Course Information
  • Ref.:
Summer School Program Acceptance, 3 May - 14 July 2024
  • Host: University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
  • University of Oxford

  • Machine learning health and Bio (On Campus)
  • MLx Representation Learning & Generative AI (On Campus)
  • MLx Fundamentals (access)
  • Core Module: Machine learning health and Bio - Course Information
  • Ref.:

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