Md Abu Sufian

University Course Module

Second Master ( 2 years)
MSc. In Data Analysis For Business Intelligence
    Core modules
  • Mathematical Modelling (Lab Base)
  • Business Statistics
  • Fundamentals of Data Science
  • Data Mining and Neural Networks (Lab Base)
  • Financial Services Information Systems
  • Analysis of Algorithms
  • Data Analysis for Business Intelligence Project

  • Option modules Choose one option module from:
  • Advanced C++ Programming
  • Practical Programming (Lab Base)

  • One option module from:
  • Computational Partial Differential Equations with Applications
  • Generalised Linear Models
  • Data Analytics for eSports
  • Medical Statistics
  • DABI [Explore Courses] [University Official Website]
First Master (2 Years)
International MBA
  • Strategic Human Resources Management
  • Global Marketing Management
  • Managing Financial Performance
  • International Operations and Project Management
  • Strategic Leadership and Organisational Transformation
  • Enterprise, Innovation, and Creativity
  • Contemporary Strategic Management in Global Contexts
  • Research Methods and Dissertation or Research Methods and Internship Management Project
IMBA [Explore Courses] [University Official Website]
Bachelor of Science (4 Years)
Bachelor of Science in Textile Engineering

    First Year B.Sc. in Textile Engineering Examination-2008
  • Mathematics-I
  • Mathematics-II
  • Physics-I (Lab Base)
  • Physics-II (Lab Base)
  • Chemistry-I (Organic and Inorganic chemistry) (Lab Base)
  • Chemistry-II (Analytical and Physical chemistry) (Lab Base)
  • Textile Raw Material-I
  • Polymer Science (Lab Base)
  • Engineering Material & Practices (Lab Base)
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Engineering Language
  • Business Engineering

  • 2nd Year B.Sc. in Textile Engineering Examination-2009
  • Yarn Manufacturing-II (Short Staple)-201 course No.
  • Fabric Manufacturing-II (Weaving Preparation)-202 course No.
  • Wet Processing Technology-I (Pretreatment) -203 course No. (Lab Base)
  • Garment Production-I (Preparatory) - 204 course No.
  • Fabric Structure & Design- 205 course No.
  • Textile Raw Materials-II- 206 course No.
  • Textile Physics-I -207 courses No. (Lab Base)
  • Textile Testing & Quality Control-I -208 course No. (Lab Base)
  • Statistics -209 course No.
  • Elements of Electrical & Electronic Engineering -210 course No.
  • Elements of Mechanical Engineering -211 course No.
  • Computer Science – 212 course No. (Lab Base)

  • 3rd Year B.Sc. in Textile Engineering Examination-2010
  • Yarn Manufacturing II (Short Staple) - 301 &312 courses No. (Lab Base)
  • Yarn Manufacturing III (long Staple)-302 &313 courses No. (Lab Base)
  • Fabric Manufacturing III (Weaving)-303&314 course No.
  • Fabric Manufacturing III (Knitting & Non-Woven)-304&315 course No.
  • Wet Processing II (Dyeing)-305&316 course No. (Lab Base)
  • Wet Processing III-306&317 course No. (Lab Base)
  • Garment Manufacturing II (Assembling & Finishing)-307&318 courses No.
  • Garment Manufacturing III (Fashion Design)-308&319 courses No.
  • Textile Physics-II-309 course No.
  • Textile Testing & Quality Control-II-310&320 course No.
  • Industrial Management-311 course No.

  • 4th Year B.Sc. in Textile Engineering Examination-2011
  • Advanced Yarn /Fabric/Wet Processing/Garments Manufacturing –IV—401/419,402/420,403/421,404/422 course No (Lab Base)
  • Physiological aspect of Clothing Special Yarn Fabric/Wet Processing/Garment Manufacturing Fashion Marketing—406/424,407/425,408/426,409/427 course No.
  • Utility Services & Maintenance of Textile Machinery fashion illustration and Collection—411/429 course No.
  • Application of Computer in Textile—413/431 course No.
  • Production Planning and Control—414 course No.
  • Testing & Quality Control-III—415/432 course No. (Lab Base)
  • Accounting—416 course No.
  • Marketing—417 course No.
  • Major: Wet Processing Technology
  • [University of Chittagong Official Website]
  • Presently Textile Engineering College Under the affiliated with Bangladesh University of Textile (BUTex)
  • [BUTex Official Website] [Wet Processing Technology Department]

    Biology (Lab based): A+
    Physics (Lab Base)
    Chemistry (Lab Base)

    Short Professional Course
    AI in Heathcare: applications and Concepts Harvard University ( On campus)
    AI and digital transformation in health care University of Cambridge ( On campus-summer program)
    ML (Including deep learning, representation learning and generative AI) in health and Bio, Application of ML in medicine and biomedical sciences state-of-the-art in areas, Oxford Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford ( On campus-summer program)